Posted: 5th May 2012 by Ton Ensink in General

Welcome to the renewed website of Level Studio. As you may have noticed, the appearance of the site is undergoing some changes as www.levelsystems.com and www.ton-ensink.com have been split into 2 separate web sites.

  • levelsystems.com will be the presentation site for our voice-over services. The appearance of this site will remain unchanged, the content is still undergoing changes. Stay tuned.
  • ton-ensink.com will be the personal web site for Danique, Sjoukje en Ton with family content like blogs, pictures, etc. The content of this site will be maintained as before, the appearance will soon change (new theme) in order to distinguish the two sites from each other.
If you had direct links to pages, images or other content on www.levelsystems.com you may have to change these links and point them to www.ton-ensink.com. This will avoid future link error messages. Links may have been provided to you in the past via emails. Or they were or still are referred to from other web pages or search engines. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Information about our voice services can be found in the menu under “Informatie”.
Ton Ensink, 05-May-2012